The Paperwork

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Please download ALL of the following forms and return to the Venue Manager two weeks before your wedding. When you submit your layouts and pre-event packet, please include the wedding name in the document title.

Interactive Barn Layout  – Use this to design your Barn reception floor plan

Interactive Garden Layout  – Use this to tell us how you want the Garden ceremony site set-up

** Notes for using the interactive layouts:

  • Please differentiate non-SMR items (vendor or personal) with a different color (not blue)
  • When designing your floor plan, please take exits, walkways, and doors into consideration
  • Please specify how many chairs you’d like at each table
  • These layouts are not to scale
  • It is extremely helpful to us if you note at the bottom of each layout the number of each type of Ranch inventory you are using

2019 Pre-Event Checklist – Information about who will be your onsite day-of point-of-contact, what vendors you’ll be bringing in, and security deposit information

Wedding Day Timeline – Please clue us in as to when your wedding professionals and guests are going to arrive on the property, as well as when festivities are going to kick off. Knowing when to anticipate these time markers help Ranch staff serve you best. If you have a more-detailed timeline to share with us, that’s wonderful!

SMR 2019 Catering & Bar Checklist  – We recognize we aren’t the easiest venue for your caterer. This document outlines the requirements we have for your catering team. Please have them review and submit to us, but note any lapses on their part may result in a deduction in your security deposit.

SMR Security Deposit Checklist – In order to return your security deposit, in full, we ask that you comply with the attached list. These are just reminders from your original contract. If each event helps us preserve and protect our beautiful venue, it helps to make sure your (and future) events have a lovely space to use!

SMR Coordinator Policies – While we don’t require a coordinator, many couples find this a helpful addition to their vendor team and we strongly encourage working with a professional! As coordinators may come into the planning process at different times for each of our couples, we ask they review and submit this document to help ensure they are aware of our policies.

Insurance – We require that you purchase a $1 Million event liability policy.

  • Please list Robin L. Rossi, trustee of the Robin L. Rossi Living Trust UTD October 19, 1990 and Once Upon A Time, L.P. as the additional insured.
  • If ANY beer, wine, champagne, or hard liquor is to be served, you must also have proof of host liquor liability
  • The person securing the policy needs to be in the same name as on the Santa Margarita Ranch contract, or the policy must name bride and groom as honorees.
  • We suggest couples use

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